Monday, July 16, 2018

Join Me Live on Amazon 7/19/18!!

It's a brand new way for us to connect with one another...a live stream...on Amazon.

Seriously, it's an incredibly cool opportunity for me to interact with you.  You can ask me questions, learn about the concepts behind my stories, and have a chance to win some free stuff.

I'll be live, for the first time, on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 8PM CDT. 

To join me, you can follow my author page.  You'll get a push alert reminding you to join the conversation send right to your device. 

Click here to go to my page, then click the FOLLOW tab right under my way-too-serious-looking photograph. 

You can also follow me on Facebook.  I'll post a link right before the stream is live.

The stream should last about twenty minutes or so.  I'll do a Q&A and talk about my two new releases along with some big discounts and those giveaways I mentioned.

I'll only be offering the giveaways to people watching the live stream.

TWO new releases you say?  Yes...

Book two of The Alt Apocalypse is out on July 17.  LIT is a fast-paced story about surviving urban and wildfires.  

Also a new stand-alone story called PILGRIMAGE is out on the same day.  It's just .99

And book on the The Alt Apocalypse is also .99.  ASH takes place after a nuclear attack.

Hope you join me for what should a fun and entertaining experience...LIVE ON AMAZON.

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